programAt Fairview, we are proud to offer demonstrations of traditional arts and crafts everyday that we are open!  In 2016, we are expanding our programming to include classes, talks, and more demonstrations!  We will frequently post updates about our programming needs on this page.  Please check back often, as programs will vary from month-to-month.  Are you interested or do you know someone who is interested?

October Programs

October 3-9 is spinning & weaving week.  Fairview will celebrate Corn Month in October and themes of Harvest and Autumn!

  • October 1 is National Lace Day!  Do you make crafts from lace?  Do you tat, knit, or crochet lace?  We would love to have you demonstrate at Fairview!
  • October 3-9 is spinning and weaving week.  Do you spin or weave?  Do you twine?  We have two functional flax wheels at Fairview.  Would you like to demonstrate during this fun week?  Join us!
  • We’re looking at October 15 for a possible fall festival at Fairview.  Are you interested in participating?  E-mail us and let us know!