16 Reasons to Visit in 2016: The Great Road

We have mentioned Fairview’s history before, a story that interweaves the story of the American Revolution and expansion into the West.  One more reason we love Fairview is the story of a road, a simple wagon path that wound its way to the promise of prosperity in the West, the Great Wagon Road.

As settlers like the Hagy family immigrated to the colonies and ultimately, the United States, they often settled along the eastern seaboard before migrating southwest.  After Martin and his brother Hans came to Pennsylvania in 1732, Martin settled his growing family in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  After fighting in the American War for Independence, Martin packed his family up and moved south to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  Finally, in 1793, Martin purchased nearly 600 acres in Washington County, Virginia, naming the site “Fairview.”

Wilderness Road

As you can see from the map, the thoroughfare from Pennsylvania south was known as the Great Road, or the Great Wagon.  The Great Road extended into North and South Carolina.  For Martin’s family, as they moved west, they travelled along the Fincastle Turnpike and what is known as the Frontier Trail.  In Bristol, the trail becomes known as the Wilderness Road, familiar for its association with Daniel Boone.

The history of the Hagy family, once again, is the archetype of the settler’s experience in Southwest Virginia. Not only did they follow the well-trodden path towards a new life and prosperity in Washington County, Virginia, but the Hagys also later founded the Hagy Wagon Company, a company producing wagons for those who wanted to continue their journey west.  We were privileged to host one of the remaining Hagy wagons at the Old Glade Antique Tractor Association’s Tractor Show in 2014.

Where did your family settle?  Would they have travelled along the Great Wagon Road?  Come find your roots at Fairview.  The Great Road is one of 16 sweet reasons to visit Fairview in 2016.

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