16 Reasons to Visit in 2016: Find Your Roots

Wikimedia Commons Picture of Roots
Wikimedia Commons

Roots are a symbol of what you experience during a visit to Fairview. Beyond the basic association with the flowers, vegetables, fruits, and grains that grow here, roots run deep through the story of Fairview. We highlight the story of the Hagy family, immigrants from Switzerland who came to the American colonies to build new lives. Although the Hagy family is the archetype of the early nineteenth-century family at Fairview, we have a larger mission…we want to help our visitors find and embrace their family’s roots!

Who were your great-grandparents? How many generations can you trace your ancestry? Where did your family immigrate to the United States from? For anyone whose family history stretches back to eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Virginia and into the expanding West, Fairview returns you to the past experiences of your ancestors.

Learn about the challenges that faced immigrant families seeking a better life for their children. Study the interior of a home with its roots in Southwest Virginia, constructed from the strong poplar trees that once surrounded the family farm. Discuss the home textile production that clothed families and kept them warm in cold winters. Experience the life your ancestors lived. Find your roots at Fairview.

Would you like to schedule a tour of Fairview?  Call us at (276) 676-0216 or e-mail us at fairview1815@gmail.com for more information!  If your roots run deep in Southwest Virginia, we recommend a visit to the Historical Society of Washington County, Virginia while you’re in Abingdon!