16 Reasons to Visit in 2016: Craftsmanship

After reading about Fairview’s rich history, the beauty of the site, and our partnership with the wonderful Old Glade Antique Tractor Association, we hope you’ve added Fairview to your list of must-see sites for 2016! If you haven’t, let us give you one more reason to visit Fairview this year: craftsmanship. From the Hagy’s craftsmanship in constructing the cabin to our daily demonstrations and special events, Fairview showcases craftsmanship and artistry everywhere!

Hand hewn log inside the cabin

Fairview includes the original poplar logs used by the Hagys to construct their cabin in the early nineteenth century. A University of Tennessee report dates the logs to 1815. When you visit Fairview, you can see the marks in the logs left by axes. Run your hand over the sturdy logs and imagine the moments they have seen…life and death played out over several generations.

Craftsmanship is everywhere on the grounds at Fairview. Study the barns and their palettes of rusty red and weathered wood. Examine the corn crib and catch a glimpse of old feed sacks tacked to the inside walls. Inside the cabin, notice the detail of woven chairs and an artist’s signature on a nineteenth-century spinning wheel. Feel woven wool coverlets and investigate the tiny stitches on an antique quilt.

Photo Dec 05, 3 29 08 PM
Carvers John Dickens and Linda Childers from Holston Mountain Artisans

Are you thinking about a visit to Fairview? Call us at (276) 676-0216 or e-mail us at fairview1815@gmail.com. Want to showcase your artistry at Fairview? Contact us today!