Winter Preparations

WINTER IS COMINGWhat do you do to get your house ready for the winter? Do you clean your house each fall to prepare for winter and company over the holidays? In November, we will be getting the Hagy cabin ready for the winter at Fairview with demonstrations of nineteenth-century housekeeping and crafts that will keep us warm!

Join us on November 6 and 7 as we begin our household preparations for the winter. We will be talking about nineteenth-century housekeeping techniques. On November 6, at 1:00 p.m., join us as we air out the linens. We will talk about different types of bed covers used by nineteenth-century families and how they were made. Learn about mattresses and rope beds. Participate in the action, as we take the family’s mattresses out on the porch to air out and shake out the bed covers.

On the following day, November 7, at 11:00 a.m., we’ll be dusting the cabin and sweeping up. Families likely swept their cabins at least once a day and perhaps more often. Today, we can use carpet powders with our vacuums to make our homes smell nice…what did people in the nineteenth-century use? We’ll be answering that question during our November 7 demonstrations. We will give you one clue—this plant smells sweet but can spread throughout your garden if you leave it unchecked!

Throughout November, our daily artisan demonstrations will focus on producing items to keep us warm this winter. During our daily artisan demonstrations, we will be piecing a quilt top, twining a rug, and knitting a shawl. Our sewing will be all about curtains, as we hem (by hand) curtains for the downstairs of the cabin.

Join us for these interesting programs and demonstrations! We guarantee that learning about nineteenth-century housekeeping will help you appreciate your modern conveniences!

Admission to Fairview and programs is free. For more information, call (276) 676-0216 or e-mail us at